Beach Bashing

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After 33 hours of traveling I arrive in the hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay for the start of the next plastic picking party. As I’m checking in, Manuel arrives in the lobby. He is a fellow ‘Sea Dragon’ compadre and will be my guide an friend for the coming days for which I will be forever grateful. Mi casa e tu casa! I drop my bags and my body walks to the beach for a first inspection. My spirit or soul or whatever makes you feel like a complete human is still underway, stuck at an eternal border control in Miami, or was it New York? Damn, please make it to my flesh suit before I get run over crossing the Rambla Republica del Peru.  I make it to the beach and find the floodline full of plastic debris. It looks mostly land based and the location of Montevideo, in the mouth of Rio de La Plata confirms this assumption. Since there is no big pieces of plastic around I wonder outloud if they clean the beach regularly. Manuel sais weekly but when we ask the guards on the beach we discover that it is being cleaned TWICE a day (24 hours)! So the debris we see in the floodline is only from a few hours of trash bashing… In the waves you can see the next generation of waste, ready to land on the plastic planet.

Local Beach Trash

Trash wave

Beach cleaning traces

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