Workshop: Plastic Island

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01/07/09: Workshop ‘Plastic Island’
Organised by Rudolph Eilander

With: Wubbo Ockels (TU Delft / ID ASSET), Rinus Van den Berg (DSM), Vincent Hendrickx (Boskalis / Hydronamic), Jan Willem Verweij (Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam), Harrie Camps (Plasti cs Europe), Gerrit Klein Nagelvoort (AKG Polymers), Alfons Smale (Witt eveen en Bos), Peter Nossin (DPI, Dutch Polymer Institute), Ruth Van de Moesdijk (M2i, materials innovations institute), Polite Laboyrie (Rijkswaterstaat), Michel van Schie (Spark design & innovation), David Biloen (European Patent Office), Jos Karstel (KPC management), Maarten Vanden Eynde (visual artist – Plastic Reef)

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