Plastic Catch

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All 29 boxes and bags (396 kilo!/870 pounds) arrived in the Netherlands. As soon as the last one was delivered I unpacked them and put them outside on display. The sight was truly amazing! What an incredible collection of trash! And to think about the fact that it is just a small fraction of all the trash that is out there…. mind boggling!

In the coming months I will start melting all the debris and add it to the growing Plastic Reef. It would be nice however to put the catch on display before I melt it.

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    I was reading about the plastic you collected on your trip to the garbage soup. I had a phenomenal idea: contact school districts, churches and non profits (etc.) to take up a collection of plastic trash they find at the beach to include lakes, rivers oceans and so on. Convert your project into a worldwide effort. Just a thought.

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